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How does your own financial path compare to that of the average American? From opening your very first bank account to tapping into your 401(k) in retirement, life is full of financial rites of passage. As we grow older, we find new opportunities to invest in our futures, either by putting some cash away in savings or by taking on debt to fund our next big step. But whichever monetary benchmark is next on your list, you may wonder where you stand in comparison to your peers.
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This is for all my family and friends who don’t know what to do next. You discovered you tube TV. You have binged watched everything and you’re wondering what to do next. May I suggest you review your financial situation. Don’t leave yet. Help is here.

Corona Exit Strategy, you have got one, right?  You have got a strategy for what to do once you’re free don’t you? I mean do you have a plan for how you’re going to get rolling again,  Okay, you are doing soooo well that you don’t need a plan that’s cool.  I’m done.

For those of you who are still here and you are wondering what is he talking about and why is he talking to me? The answer is because you matter. You matter because you have been through some things. You have had experiences that no one else has had. Your experiences are important. Not only to you but someone can benefit from your experience without going through it themselves and therefore benefit from your efforts.

You’re likely to have used the expression “If I knew then what I know now. I would have made better choices.”  I am asking that you share those experiences. I would like you to share your money experiences.  You can keep it in the family, but you should share those experiences with those that are important to you. Let them know why you behave the way you do when it comes to money. That includes making it, spending it, wasting it, saving it, or investing it. Why? Because it helps you to unburden when you’re facing tough times.  And it could help those that are listening or reading about the experiences of others. These are tough times, believe me you need to unburden. It doesn’t mean you have a solution to the problem(s) you’re facing but you can begin to verbalize your experiences. Even talking to yourself is helpful. Putting your thoughts into words helps to unravel the mental knots that we tie ourselves into.

Let me say here and now that I am not a psychologist. I’m telling you what works for me and what I have prescribed and seen work for others. I am both a Registered Investment Advisor and I am a visiting professor at DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management. So that means I do financial planning and I manage people’s money and I also teach those two subjects. I’ve decided during this Covid 19 lock down that this is an opportunity for me to give back by bring together my financial knowledge with my teaching skills.
As an Advisor I will provide a free initial financial assessment and if there is significant interest, I will teach a course on the subject. of personal financial planning.

If you would be interested in receiving a free assessment and / or the possibility of joining a class, then click on the button below to let me know. The tentative plan is for weekly online evening gatherings likely to begin later this year and will last 4-6 weeks with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes per session. The sessions would cover things like savings, investing, debt management, credit etc. Both the theory and the reality.  The depth that we can explore is dependent on the number and the knowledge of those that will be attending the session. The object is to assure that you going in the right direction and to create a plan to be executed as we emerge from this Corona lock down.  Let me know what you think and get your free assessment.
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